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A couple of days ago, the directors of Geogebra decided to remove my materials from GeoGebraTube and terminate my account. In fact, there was no problem with the materials but they found an excuse in the language I had used in my comment.  Of course, this is all they needed. Not for one moment can anyone believe they actually cared about the comments! The real reason was that they wanted any excuse to remove the materials which expose academic ignorance and stupidity. 

This is the kind of society they live in – one in which ideas are censored or banned completely. These individuals believe that you are incredibly stupid and that you can’t think for yourselves! So they terminated my account for YOUR own good, Well, if you believe this, then you are even a bigger idiot than I imagined.

First it was ResearchGate (RG) that banned my account, then Weebly (has since rescinded its ban) and now GeogebraTube. So who will be next?  

A really funny story about RG, is that one of their members was a confined psychiatric patient!  They did not know about this until I pointed it out to them and even then, it took them weeks to realize a psycho was commenting on their “scientist” boards. 

If I am such a fool and a crank and a psycho or whatever else, how is it that these and other organizations go to such lengths to silence my ideas? They KNOW I am correct and that they are morons. Of course they can’t acknowledge my work, because once they do, they have confirmed their ignorance, stupidity and incompetence. I don’t know which is worse, the academic bourgeoisie or the Catholic church…  I suppose the inquisitors might have learned a few tactics from these modern Nazis.