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It is not difficult to imagine future perpetuity. However, imagining the past is somewhat problematic.

The only  things  I can grasp that have existed eternally are ideas, forms or concepts, all of which are inanimate. My intuition tells me that in order to process the same, a brain or mind is required, that is, an animate object.

Theoretical physicists will in one breath tell you there is no beginning and in the next breath will wax enthusiastically eloquent about our origins. Seems a futile exercise to me if one can never reach the beginning (first cause).

Can an animate (self-sustaining) object have existed eternally?  My intuition tells me yes, but since I can’t be certain because I cannot fathom (understand) how this would be possible, the next question would be: Could an animate being have been caused by a void universe in which only ideas and forms exist?

I start my reasoning as follows:

1. In the beginning, there were only inanimate ideas and forms.

2. And then? …

This argument supposes there was a beginning. I am inclined to this pattern of thinking because I am unable to comprehend an infinite number of events in the past with no starting event.

I somehow doubt that I shall ever know the answers to these questions.


If only I had a dollar for each worthless mathematics dissertation, then I would be a multi-millionaire.