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Whatever I imagine is real, because whatever I imagine, is well-defined.


The most destructive event after Georg Cantor’s set theory was introduced, was the adoption of limits in calculus. The limit concept has no place in calculus. Newton’s and Leibniz’s wrong methods were fueled by foolish and incompetent academics. I do not for one moment believe that either would have approved of how the calculus developed.

If it were possible to resurrect Newton and Leibniz,  then have them compare the standard and New Calculus, I have no doubt they would support the New Calculus development.


For more than three centuries, mathematicians have been using flawed or ill-defined concepts in the development of calculus. As a result, its development peaked in the middle of the 19th century and became so complex, that very little has been realized since then. There is currently a hefty price to pay in terms of calculus education: it has become too difficult to master in any reasonable period of time and would be students shun its study.

A price to pay for the stupidity, incompetence and lethargy of modern era mathematicians.