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When others do not like your ideas, they would just as soon silence you by any means possible. At risk of sounding paranoid, it seems that every move I make is being carefully scrutinized and obstructed. However, I am completely rational and realize there are many reasons for seemingly foregone conclusions. Nothing makes truth more established than those forces desperately trying to suppress and destroy.

The New Calculus is the first rigorous formulation of calculus in human history. I am not surprised academics hate it. It exposes their stupidity and general lack of ability over the past 300 years. You can silence an individual, but you can never silence an idea, because ideas exist independently of the human mind. Past, present and future ideas have always existed; only those who chance to think of them are flash moments in the history of time.


A mathematician is like an artist: the objects arising from concepts in a mathematician’s mind, are only as appealing as they are well-defined.  

–  John Gabriel